Archi Art - architecture, design and construction

    Founded in 1994 by arch. Zdravka Stoqnova and arch. Vasil Ivanov - diplomated architects. The arcitecturl studio carries out drafting, design and construction until the project is complitely finished. Engineers of all variety and specialist o fany feeld make part of the team. Computer design and presentation by arch. Nikolay Slavov.

    Urban architect Vassil Ivanov.

    Higher education - major: Architecture, gradued the University of Architecture and design, alumnus of 1975 - Sofia. Working experience - 25 years. From 1975 to 1989 worked as a designer, architect and senior research associate - first degree at the science research institute of territorial, urban planing projects of resort, leisure, recreational centers, and residential district.
    He is the author of many urban planning conceptions and has done research work on envoironmental problems, education, the cultural and historic heritage.

    Architect - designer Zdravka Stoyanova

    Hiher education: major - Architecture, graduated from the University of Architecture and Design, alumna of 1975 - Sofia. Working expireince - 25 years.